Pure Barre – The Insanely Challenging Workout I Never Knew I Needed

If you have read some of my blog posts, you may have caught on to a common theme – working out is a challenge of mine and I joke about it often! I tend to make a lot of excuses – I’m human. You may also have noticed that I enjoy trying new things, so when the idea of trying a free class at Pure Barre was brought to me, I figured I could at least give one class a shot. And then something strange happened… I continued going day after day from there on!

I used to make fun of the idea of Pure Barre and the type of people I thought Pure Barre was for. But now, I have a changed mind. Everyone needs to take a barre class.

What is Barre?

Barre is a form of exercise that uses a ballet barre and incorporates movements derived from ballet, yoga, and Pilates. It works out your full body in one class, and let me tell you, it is not easy. Pure Barre promises low impact and high results through isometric movements. After a month of taking classes, I did get stronger and more flexible.

To be clear, barre is the name of the exercise. Pure barre is the name of the specific barre studio I tried.

My Experience with Pure Barre

At first, I found Pure Barre very intimidating. No one at the studio looked like me and I thought that my body type wasn’t meant for barre. It seemed like all of the women were petite clones in Lululemon, and then there was me… black, plus sized, dressed in Old Navy Active. Once I got over that insecurity, I was able to really enjoy it. The instructors make a point to know your name and guide you through the movements, which I really appreciated.

After trying a few free classes, I went ahead and signed up for the Jump Start promotion that allowed me to come to unlimited classes for a whole month for just $99. I began going almost every single day! With each class, I found that I was getting better at learning the technique. In just one month I felt like my curves were really starting to shape nicely. I started holding my planks longer. I got more flexible – I could barely reach my toes with my legs straight out in front of me and suddenly I was grabbing my heels. I would have even tried to do a split, but I didn’t want to get too ambitious.

These classes aren’t easy. Each class I thought to myself, “What the heck am I doing?” I sweated like a pig every time, but the challenge of wanting to improve at this workout made me keep going back. It is amazing how doing these small, repetitive movements can burn so quickly. Taking barre really made me want to be the best version of myself, and it was almost therapeutic walking into the studio. I felt strong and beautiful and was accomplishing goals!


And…. here is why I quit. Pure Barre is a little expensive. The normal unlimited package is $160 per month. I want to work on budgeting to continue taking classes in the future, but for now I will focus on running to prepare for the Peachtree Road Race.

Click here for locations and pricing.

I truly plan to continue taking barre because it interests me, and I think that anyone could gain something from it. Special thanks to Pure Barre Inman Park for showing me such a great, personalized experience.

Pure Barre Inman Park is even planning to do a summer Pop-Up series in the park for free. I did the first one and it’s a unique way to try out classes. Follow my Instagram for more info on this!


Pure barre in the park Pure barre in old forth ward park

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