How to Have an Epic Girls Night with Your Busy Schedule

Girls Night In! Or Girls Night Out! – Both are a part of my top favorite past times. I have 3 reasons why you need to plan a girls night right now. And then scroll down to see my favorite ways to celebrate girl power.

3 Reasons to Have Regular Girls Nights

  1. The main reason is that it’s THERAPEUTIC. Too often women are busy taking care of everything and everyone, struggling to find time for herself. Girls night allows you to take a step back from the priorities and complain about everything in your life over cocktails and/or junk food. It gives you the opportunity to focus on yourself.
  2. It CAN BE relatively cheap and not too time consuming. Sure, it can be difficult to coordinate schedules with the girls, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. You can spend a couple of hours at someone’s house with wine and pizza, and have a great time. I’ll prove it. #LongLiveSumberParties
  3. Stop – and I cannot stress this enough – spending all your free time with your MAN! Friday/Saturday nights can’t always be for date nights or staying in; it’s healthy to spend some time apart. Admit it… you spend most of the time with your man only finding time for quick lunch dates with the girls. Enough is enough! Ladies leave your man at home… This night isn’t about men at all, this night is about self-care and maybe taking time to complain about men.


The Best Girls Night In

Have a themed slumber party*. Recently, I threw a 90’s themed slumber party for my girl friends. Everyone dressed up in comfy 90’s clothes, and we ate nostalgic candy like fruit roll ups and baby bottle pops. We played MASH and had paper-fortune tellers. We created a 90’s playlist of hit songs and voila…. Instant 90’s slumber party. We all genuinely enjoyed just getting together to girl-talk for a couple of hours.

Girls night in

 *At my slumber parties, the guests eventually go home that’s why I don’t call it a sleepover. We party and then it’s over.

The Best Girls Night Out

It is good to have a change of pace sometimes. Get dressed up, pick a part of town, and go out with the girls tonight! It felt like months since I got dressed up to go out so I grabbed a couple of friends, put on a LBD, and we went out one Friday night in Midtown Atlanta. We started off at Escorpion for a tequila tasting experience. (If you have never done a tequila tasting, I highly recommend it!) The waiter walked us through every detail of each shot and it was both informative and fun! Escorpion is also a great place for killer margaritas FYI. We ended the night dancing together like no one was watching at Lava Lounge or Tiki Tango as it is called now.

The most important part of Girls Night is having a great group of friends to spend it with. My recommendation is to keep it small because then there are less people to coordinate with. I will not lie and say that all these activities happen without struggle. Even we ran into roadblocks like babysitters cancelling, not having enough money, not having enough time in the day, or even coming down with a cold! But, I’m all about making it work regardless so I encourage you all to really try to make it work even when it seems like it’s too much trouble.

See below for a few more Girls Night ideas. Feel free to share your ideas with me also!

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