Atlanta Streets Alive: We Should All Be Present

Here is the background

Atlanta Streets Alive is an initiative of the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition that was launched in 2010. In their quest to promote bicycling as viable transportation, Atlanta Streets Alive was created to bring the community together promoting exercise and a healthy lifestyle. 

According to Curbed Atlanta, Atlanta Streets Alive on April 7th attracted more than 120,000 people to Peachtree Street, but it still wasn’t the biggest turnout that they have seen. And the next ASA event on June 9th is projected to be even bigger.



Why You Should Care

Atlanta Streets Alive has grown and evolved over the years thanks to increasing community support. On April 7th, I attended my first #StreetsAlive on Peachtree Street. As someone that drives down Peachtree to work every day, it was fascinating to see so many people having the freedom to walk in the street. However, I frequently (and accidentally) hopped back on the side walk, as I have been conditioned to like a kid learning how to cross the street. To get to the event, I road Marta to Five Points station downtown, and gleefully walked all the way to 10th Street in Midtown!

It is liberating to have the option to bike, rollerblade, walk, run, and scooter down a normally heavily trafficked road and every Atlantan who has ever complained about the traffic in this city should give it a try at least once.




It is a FREE event and fun for all ages! Donations to the initiative are always welcome.

Atlanta Streets Alive, Peachtree Street, Atlanta Bicycle Coalition


Atlanta Streets Alive 2019 Dates

 Central Peachtree St – April 7th   

 Cross-City West to East – June 9th

 Southwest – September 29th


The route planned for June is projecting to be even bigger and longer! The next ASA will be shutting down Dekalb Ave and Decatur Street all the way to Marietta Street and Howell Mill Road. Anticipate 10 miles of walk and roll fun.

There will be a parade to kickoff the event that starts at 2PM, and you will have the opportunity to enjoy the route until 8PM. Enjoy it with your friends and family, and as a community we can work towards a healthier lifestyle.





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