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How to Have a Low-key Birthday and Make it Epic

I love any reason to celebrate things, and Atlanta always has something fun to do no matter what type of vibe you want. This year, my birthday was on a Saturday, so I was excited to know that I would probably have an event to attend on my actual birth day – The BeltLine Pub Crawl on March 2nd was the perfect event. And honestly, I realize that day-partying for a special occasion is so much better than the typical Atlanta nightlife to celebrate a birthday. Here is why…

Inman park, Atlanta BeltLine

Let me start by saying that if you haven’t visited the Atlanta BeltLine then plan to go soon. It is a casual area to walk and hangout, with art and history along the trail. There are also a lot of bars and restaurants along the trail with more coming soon! The BeltLine stretches really far, but this particular pub crawl took place on the east side of the trail. This event literally gave me an opportunity to have a birthday party on the BeltLine and at different restaurants in the beautiful, sunny Atlanta weather. My recommendation is if you are tired of the same ole night out for your birthday, find a place to day-party! Then you can spend the rest of the night in bed, watching Netflix, and then wake up more refreshed. If you are in your late 20’s and can’t bounce back as fast after a night out anymore, then this is for you!

Ponce City Market

For my fellow millennials, brunch is a huge activity and it is a fun way to celebrate your birthday with friends. Brunch is a great way to day-party vs. having a birthday dinner, so it has become a very popular option. I have helped plan quite a few birthday brunches for my friends, so I knew that my birthday weekend would also include brunch somewhere nice with great mimosas. I chose Ms. Icey’s Kitchen and Bar in Decatur because of their urban, hip-hop feel.

If you can’t tell already, vibes are very important to me…

Ms. Iceys is great because the food is delicious, and their honeysuckle mimosa is so delightful and refreshing. It’s unlike any other mimosa I have had – splurge for the carafe. If you go on a Saturday morning, sometimes they will have cartoons and a complimentary cereal bar that will make you feel all of the childhood nostalgia. My birthday brunch was on a Sunday. It was lively and there was a DJ spinning 90’s and early 2000’s jams. Trust me, the vibe is on point; it is the main attraction.

There are lots of ways to have an epic birthday without putting in too much money and effort. The best way to make it cost-efficient is do not procrastinate when planning. You could go from a $15 event ticket to a $40 event ticket quickly, the longer you wait to purchase. But, if you are like me and are tired of the typical nights out to the same clubs and lounges, then I definitely recommend finding day-events at interesting places where you can relax, party, and have a good time. Find an event that speaks to you, grab you best friends, and voila…. you have an epic birthday party. Your birthday party doesn’t always have to be a crazy night out; it just has to be meaningful and true to who you are.

2 thoughts on “How to Have a Low-key Birthday and Make it Epic”

    1. Hi! That is a great suggestion. One of my first questions that I ask when I go somewhere in Atlanta is… how is parking? So I’ll be sure to include that on future blog posts! For the BeltLine, I would recommend parking at Ponce City Market. It costs money, but at least your car will be safe and you can use the ParkMobile app to add more time on the meter. Super convenient!


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