Cider + Doughnuts at Urban Tree Cidery, Atlanta

Throw out your coffee, guys! There is a better doughnut pairing in town and it is hard cider – more specifically Urban Tree Cidery hard cider. My world has been rocked. No longer will I crave coffee with my doughnut…. Hard cider and doughnuts are a match made in heaven and I don’t care what time of day it is.

This event promoted on Facebook took off fast. So much so, they announced this Doughnuts and Cider event would take place on Saturday AND Sunday because of the widespread interest. Smart move, because I showed up at 12:35 PM on Saturday ready to walk right in and grab a cold cider and doughnut. But instead, I was met with a traffic jam parking lot and a line extending outside and down to the road.

I applaud the staff because the line looked vicious but it moved relatively quickly. The real challenge was finding a place to sit and enjoy the pairing once inside!

I had never heard of Doughnut Dollies before this event but they are opening up a West Midtown location soon. It was a genius move to create this pop-up event because it seemed as though all of Atlanta came out for this unique experience.

The display was cute and effective. Urban Tree handed you the cider bento box with a label telling you the name of each drink. Doughnut Dollies then placed a plate of mini doughnuts on top to signify which doughnut should be paired with each cider. This cost $15 total. Not bad.

My only complaint was that the doughnuts had no label, so I had no idea what I was eating or why it paired well. Though maybe that was part of the fun? Maybe just sitting with your friends and discussing the tastes and flavors made it a little more entertaining.

I did the full on sandwich procedure during this tasting. I took a sip, took a bite, and took another sip. This is something I learned from lots of wine tasting events. However, I really don’t know if it works the same with cider but it seemed to help bring out different flavors. And it was just fun.

As far as taste, I could tell that Urban Tree Cidery didn’t provide the sweetest ciders because the doughnuts were already sweet. I appreciated this. Also I am now a fan of Doughnut Dollies and I can’t wait to check out more of their offerings when the West Midtown location opens.

The interest and turnout for this event was so great that they should really continue to do pairings in the future. Doughnuts and Cider definitely is a match made in heaven.

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