Atlanta Events in 2019

Welcome to my blog. Head over to the “About Me” section to get to know me a little more personally. This post is all about my favorite things to do in Atlanta, as well as things I am generally looking forward to this year.


I love my city. There is always something interesting happening. I swear that there is a festival for everything now! I encourage you to run a quick Google search and find one that interests you!

For me, it’s all about being open to new things. I usually can find a friend to drag along with me, or I am the one being dragged. But rarely do I decline an invitation; I like filling my weekends with different experiences. I challenge you to try something different, or try one of these below.


This list will hopefully serve a few purposes.


1. You will get an idea about the types of experiences I will blog about.
2. You will get some ideas on how to fill your mundane weekends.
3. You will relate to my list because you already enjoy these things too! And bonus points if you can offer some new things for me to check out.

My favorite activities in Atlanta this year are as follows**:


  • Super Bowl in Atlanta (February 3, 2019) – All the free concerts and activities!
  • Brunch Festival (March 9, 2019) – This will be my 4th year attending!
  • Atlanta Breweries and Tours (My favorites are Orpheus Brewing and Three Taverns)
  • An occasional night out in (most likely) one of these three neighborhoods.
    • Edgewood
    • Virginia Highlands
    • EAV (For you not so Atlanta-saavy readers that’s East Atlanta Village)
  • Atlanta Jazz Festival at Piedmont Park – Memorial Day Weekend. It’s free y’all!
  • Summer pool days complete with an Angry Orchard or a Truly beverage.
  • AJC Peachtree Road Race on July 4th – Somehow, I always end up running this 10K even when I say that it’s never happening again. But sign up and join the party!
  • Oktoberfest in Helen, GA! – Kind of like the episode of Atlanta, but not really.
  • Fall Festivals with corn mazes and ghost stories!
  • Vineyard Fest at Chateau Elan – This wine festival sells out super fast every year. It’s usually some time in November. I’ve only been able to go once, and it was amazing.There are a lot of other beer and wine festivals to attend throughout the year also. Check out Atlanta Wine Festivals.
  • Holiday plays at various local theatres. I support the arts, too.
  • Brunching often throughout the year…. because I am a millennial and it’s what I do.

** Note  I have a puppy now, so my list of activities will probably expand to incorporate dog-parents as well. Stay tuned.


This list primarily contains events that I look forward to every year, with a few new ones I’m excited about. But be sure to subscribe to get the scoop on other happenings that are sure to pop up in the city.

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